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Wireless Smart Infusion Pumps: A Descriptive Analysis of the Continuous Quality Improvement Data
Julie Polisena, 
Alison Sinclair, 
Hal Hilfi, 
Mario Bédard, 
Art Sedrakyan
Errors associated with the use of infusion pumps can cause serious harm or death in hospitalized patients and increased costs to the health care system. Our study reviewed the continuous quality improvement (CQI) data collected from a wireless smart infusion pump device implemented at one of the largest Canadian teaching hospitals. We reviewed the CQI summary data usage between February and December 2016 to assess dose error reduction software (DERS) compliance with the infusion pump’s master drug library and measure the frequency of monthly soft and hard limit events by clinical care area (CCA). In addition, we identified drugs that were most prone to alerts. The CQI data indicated that DERS compliance with the infusion pump ranged from 85.6 to 99.7% depending on the CCAs. The total number of soft limit double-confirmations was 35,174, and dexamethasone, oxytocin, and PACLitaxel had the highest frequency of double-confirmations. The total number of hard limits attempted observed was 13,188, and vancomycin, IV fluids, and potassium phosphate were more prone to hard limit alerts compared with other drugs during the study period. The study findings provided information on patterns of use and risk reduction opportunities to inform the hospital’s goal to enhance the delivery of quality care and patient safety. A CQI data analysis that incorporates open communication and detailed coordination in numerous departments across the hospital would help to increase the effectiveness of the new technology among the patient population.
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