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Influence of Homogenization Technique and Blend Ratio on Chitosan/Alginate Polyelectrolyte Complex Properties
Marion Castel-Molieres, 
Guillaume Conzatti, 
Jérôme Torrisani, 
Antoine Rouilly, 
Sandrine Cavalie, 
Nicolas Carrere, 
Audrey Tourrette
Polyelectrolyte complex (PEC) films were prepared from chitosan (CHI) and alginate (ALG) which are polymers of opposite charge. Two homogenization techniques and two ratios of ALG–CHI blends were compared: mechanical agitation under vacuum (ALG–CHI ST) or agitation by high turbulence (ALG–CHI UT) and 50/50 or 63/37 ratios. Surface and structure of PEC films are affected by the homogenization technique while the swelling percentage is only affected by polymer ratio. The homogenization ratio does not seem to influence in vitro cell proliferation. Results show that the UT homogenization technique with a 63/37 ratio, which gives films with a smooth, homogeneous surface and a higher rate of enzymatic resistance, is more efficient for cell proliferation and viability. These first results confirm the potential use of ALG–CHI films for surgery application.
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