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Finite Element Analysis of Tongue Type Calcaneal Fracture with Open Reduction and Internal Fixation with Locking Plate
Ching-Hsuan Chen, 
Yu-Hsuan Huang, 
Chinghua Hung, 
Chen-Sheng Chen, 
Chao-Ching Chiang
Open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) with plate is the standard treatment for displaced intra-articular calcaneal fractures. We constructed a three-dimensional complete foot finite element model, which was also modified to evaluate the biomechanical effect of Sanders IIB tongue-type calcaneal fracture treated by ORIF with locking plate. We compared plates with locking screws (LSs) and those with non-locking screws (NSs). Static standing was simulated by applying ground reaction force and the pulling force of the Achilles tendon. ORIF with plate using NS or LS provided good stability for Sanders IIB tongue-type calcaneal fracture and might allow light touch weight-bearing in the early postoperative period.
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