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A Feasibility Study Regarding the Potential Use of Silica-Doped Calcium Sulfate Anhydrite as a Bone Void Filler
Man-Ping Chang, 
Hsiu-Ching Hsu, 
Wei-Hsing Tuan, 
Po-Liang Lai
In the present study, the feasibility of using calcium sulfate anhydrite (CaSO4) pellets as bone void filler is evaluated. The calcium sulfate anhydrite pellets are prepared by dry-pressing calcium sulfate hemihydrate powder, then sintering at elevated temperatures. The remaining porosity within anhydrite pellets is only 7% after sintering at 1000 °C. The growth of CaSO4grains during sintering is very fast. The addition of a small amount of silica (SiO2), <1 wt%, can prevent the coarsening of anhydrite grains during sintering. The microstructure refinement may be related to the formation of CaSiO3 particles at the boundaries of the CaSO4 grains. The SiO2-doped anhydrite pellets thus exhibit higher compressive strength. Moreover, the degradation of SiO2-doped anhydrite pellets is slower than that of anhydrite pellets. The slow degradation rate is likely attributable to the dissolution of minute amounts of SiO2 in CaSO4.
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