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Modeling and Manufacturing Technology for Personalized Biological Fixed Implants
Zhang Guoqing, 
Yang Yongqiang, 
Lin Hui, 
Song Changhui, 
Xiao Ran, 
Yu Jiakuo
Bone incision and reconstruction are carried out based on the modeling of individualized biological fixed-type implants based on the disease of the patients, which makes the modeling process very complicated. The traditional modeling method has low modeling efficiency and poor matching. In contrast, the parametric modeling method can change the modeling structure by changing input parameters. Three-dimensional prosthesis reconstructions of the cranium, thigh, and shin bones were developed in this study through the combination of reverse and forward methods with the finite element analysis method. The parametric modeling method was used to complete the modeling of the truss structure, finite element structure, and porous implant of the biological structure. The finite element method was used to analyze the parametric porous structure. Selective laser melting (SLM) manufacturing equipment was used to produce the porous structure. Microscopy was used to observe the structures. Compared with the traditional modeling method, strain performance is comparable and stress distribution is more uniform with the parametric modeling method. The SLM-manufactured porous structure with braces within 3 mm has a better modeling effect than the structure with braces without 3 mm, less powders on the surface of the model, and no visible adhered slag between the porous braces. This study provides a foundation for the design and direct production of individualized biological fixed-pattern implants.
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