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Foot Pressures in Feet after Mitchell Osteotomy for Hallux Valgus
Jyh-Jong Chang, 
Wen-Lan Wu, 
Peng-Ju Huang, 
Yuh-Min Cheng, 
Shen-Kai Chen
The purpose of this study was to employ a Pedar in-sole pressure system to identify the foot pressure distribution after Mitchell osteotomy for hallux valgus, and to find out the changes after surgery through comparing foot pressure in the affected side of patients with those in the unaffected side during level walking. Twelve patients who had a Mitchell procedure to correct hallux valgus deformities were examined with foot pressure measurement system at an average of 7.67 months (range, two to twenty-seven months) after the operation. The average age of the patients was forty-eight years (range, twenty to sixty-five years). The result showed that an increase in supporting time in feet with hallux valgus during walking. The contact areas of feet with hallux valgus were similar with the normal feet. In feet with hallux valgus, peak pressures, maximum peak pressure, pressure-time integrals and force-time integrals under the hindfoot and lateral midfoot had a significant increase. Inverse results shown in forefoot and toes. It meant the hallux valgus foot for average of 7.67 months follow up after Mitchell osteotomy bears higher load on the hindfoot and lateral midfoot regions. After osteotomy correction of the hallux valgus, the peak pressures under the metatarsal heads were observed in the second and third metatarsal heads in most cases. They were similar with the normal feet.
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