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Spasticity Evaluation of Hemiparetic Limbs in Stroke Patients before Intervention by Using Portable Stretching Device and EMG
Jia-Jin Jason Chen, 
Yi-Ning Wu, 
Sheng-Chih Huang, 
Yu-Lin Wang, 
Maria Piotrkiewicz
The aim of this study is to utilize the portable muscle tone measurement device and surface EMG for investigating the spasticity on the elbow flexors before BOTOX® intervention. The reactive torque and reactive EMG (biceps brachii and triceps brachii muscles) of elbow joint induced at different stretching velocities (1/3, 1/2, 1 and 1.5 Hz) in limited range (-30 to +30 degrees, 90 degrees of elbow flexion was defined as zero degree) were recorded simultaneously in 2 weeks before BOTOX® treatment. The velocity-dependent viscous component (Bω) of elbow flexor and the EMG threshold defined as the angle at which the sustained EMG activity surpassed two folds of standard deviation of rest EMG prior to stretch were used for evaluating the severity of spasticity. In current study, we demonstrated that the viscoelastic parameter as well as EMG threshold could be used for quantifying the degree of spasticity. These parameters would be useful for quantifying the effects of BOTOX treatment in stroke patients.
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