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Vol 37, No 6 (2017)
Stainless Steel Hollow Microspheres for Arterial Embolization Hyperthermia
Jianan Wu, 
Heng Wang, 
Han Zhang, 
Lanbin Wei, 
Xiaowen Wang, 
Xufei Wang, 
Jintian Tang
Abstract / 810-819
Alteration of Arterial Mechanical Impedance Greater than that of Photoplethysmogram and Laser Doppler Flowmetry during Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy
Sukhdorj Elbegzaya, 
Ryuji Nakamura, 
Noboru Saeki, 
Kensuke Yanabe, 
Abdugheni Kutluk, 
Hiroki Hirano, 
Harutoyo Hirano, 
Toshio Tsuji, 
Masashi Kawamoto
Abstract / 820-825
Respiratory Rate Estimation by Using ECG, Impedance, and Motion Sensing in Smart Clothing
Chien-Lung Shen, 
Tzu-Hao Huang, 
Po-Chun Hsu, 
Ya-Chi Ko, 
Fen-Ling Chen, 
Wei-Chun Wang, 
Tsair Kao, 
Chia-Tai Chan
Abstract / 826-842
Development of Compact, Cost-effective, FPGA-Based Data Acquisition System for the iPET System
Eungi Min, 
Kwangdon Kim, 
Hakjae Lee, 
Hyun-Il Kim, 
Yong Hyun Chung, 
Yongkwon Kim, 
Jinhun Joung, 
Kyeong Min Kim, 
Sung-Kwan Joo, 
Kisung Lee
Abstract / 858-866
Preclinical Biokinetic Modelling of Tc-99m Radiophamaceuticals Obtained from Semi-Automatic Image Processing
Luz G. Cornejo-Aragón, 
Clara L. Santos-Cuevas, 
Blanca E. Ocampo-García, 
Isaac Chairez-Oria, 
Lorenza Diaz-Nieto, 
Janice García-Quiroz
Abstract / 887-898
Approximate Artery Elasticity Using Linear Springs
Jürgen A. Baier-Saip, 
Pablo A. Baier, 
Klaus Schilling, 
Jauvane C. Oliveira
Abstract / 899-911
Microcirculatory Characteristics in Neck/Shoulder of the Adults with Sedentary and Exercise Lifestyles
Taipau Chia, 
Jian-Guo Bau, 
Yung-Hui Li, 
Shan-Hua Wei, 
Hsin Hsiu, 
Ling Pao
Abstract / 912-919
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