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Vol 37, No 3 (2017)
Evaluation of Osseointegration in Titanium and Zirconia-Based Dental Implants with Surface Modification in a Miniature Pig Model
Tzong-Fu Kuo, 
Hung-Chieh Lu, 
Chien-Fang Tseng, 
Jen-Chang Yang, 
Sea-Fue Wang, 
Thomas Chung-Kuang Yang, 
Sheng-Yang Lee
Abstract / 313-320
In-vivo Elongation Patterns of the Anteromedial and Posterolateral Bundles of the ACL at Low Flexion Angles
Yong Feng, 
Tsung-Yuan Tsai, 
Jing-Sheng Li, 
Xudong Liu, 
Shaobai Wang, 
Hai Hu, 
Changqing Zhang, 
Guoan Li
Abstract / 321-327
Effects of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome on Force Coordination and Muscle Coherence during Precision Pinch
Szu-Ching Lu, 
Kaihua Xiu, 
Ke Li, 
Tamara L. Marquardt, 
Peter J. Evans, 
Zong-Ming Li
Abstract / 328-335
Integrating Compliant Actuator and Torque Limiter Mechanism for Safe Home-Based Upper-Limb Rehabilitation Device Design
Songyuan Zhang, 
Shuxiang Guo, 
Yili Fu, 
Luc Boulardot, 
Qiang Huang, 
Hideyuki Hirata, 
Hidenori Ishihara
Abstract / 357-364
Extraction of Microaneurysms and Hemorrhages from Digital Retinal Images
Ravindranath Tagore Mamilla, 
Venkata Krishna Rao Ede, 
Prabhakar Rao Bhima
Abstract / 395-408
Nonlinear Analysis of the Contour Boundary Irregularity of Skin Lesion Using Lyapunov Exponent and K-S Entropy
Hamed Khodadadi, 
Ali Khaki Sedigh, 
Mohammad Ataei, 
Mohammad Reza Jahed Motlagh, 
Ali Hekmatnia
Abstract / 409-419
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