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Vol 37, No 1 (2017)
Automated Detection and Tracking of Cell Clusters in Time-Lapse Fluorescence Microscopy Images
Yuan-Hsiang Chang, 
Hideo Yokota, 
Kuniya Abe, 
Chia-Tong Tang, 
Ming-Dar Tasi
Abstract / 18-25
Range of Movement for Impingement and Dislocation Avoidance in Total Hip Replacement Predicted by Finite Element Model
Laura Ezquerra, 
María Paz Quilez, 
María Ángeles Pérez, 
Jorge Albareda, 
Belén Seral
Abstract / 26-34
Effects of Porphyromonas gingivalis on Titanium Surface by Different Clinical Treatment
Nominzul Batsukh, 
Sheng Wei Feng, 
Wei Fang Lee, 
Sy-Jye Leu, 
Pei-Yo Tsai, 
Kuo-Ning Ho, 
Che Tong Lin, 
Ching-Hua Su, 
Wei-Jen Chang
Abstract / 35-44
Recellularization on Acellular Lung Tissue Scaffold Using Perfusion-Based Bioreactor: An Online Monitoring Strategy
Ali Doryab, 
Motaharehsadat Heydarian, 
Ghassem Amoabediny, 
Esmaeil Sadroddiny, 
Seyedhossein Mahfouzi
Abstract / 53-62
Characterization of Impulse Radio Intrabody Communication System for Wireless Body Area Networks
Zibo Cai, 
MirHojjat Seyedi, 
Weiwei Zhang, 
Francois Rivet, 
Daniel T. H. Lai
Abstract / 74-84
Evaluation of New Biphasic Calcium Phosphate Bone Substitute: Rabbit Femur Defect Model and Preliminary Clinical Results
Yeong-Jang Chen, 
Jwo-luen Pao, 
Chiang Sang Chen, 
Yu-Chun Chen, 
Chun-Chien Chang, 
Fang-Ming Hung, 
Chih-Hung Chang
Abstract / 85-93
Effects of Collagen Crosslink Augmentation on Mechanism of Compressive Load Sharing in Intervertebral Discs
Thomas P. Hedman, 
Weng-Pin Chen, 
Leou-Chyr Lin, 
Hsiu-Jen Lin, 
Shih-Youeng Chuang
Abstract / 94-101
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