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Vol 35, No 6 (2015)
Combination Therapy Using Chelating Agent and Zinc for Wilson’s Disease
Jui-Chi Chen, 
Cheng-Hung Chuang, 
Jing-Doo Wang, 
Chi-Wei Wang
Abstract / 697-708
Systematic Parameterization, Storage, and Representation of Volumetric DICOM Data
Felix Fischer, 
M. Alper Selver, 
Sinem Gezer, 
Oğuz Dicle, 
Walter Hillen
Abstract / 709-723
Automatic Contrast Enhancement of Brain MR Images Using Hierarchical Correlation Histogram Analysis
Chiao-Min Chen, 
Chih-Cheng Chen, 
Ming-Chi Wu, 
Gwoboa Horng, 
Hsien-Chu Wu, 
Shih-Hua Hsueh, 
His-Yun Ho
Abstract / 724-734
Non-invasive Multi-modal Human Identification System Combining ECG, GSR, and Airflow Biosignals
Carmen Camara, 
Pedro Peris-Lopez, 
Juan E. Tapiador, 
Guillermo Suarez-Tangil
Abstract / 735-748
Gender-, Age-, and BMI-Specific Threshold Values of Sagittal Abdominal Diameter Obtained by Artificial Neural Networks
Aleksandar Kupusinac, 
Edita Stokić, 
Dušanka Lečić, 
Dragana Tomić-Naglić, 
Biljana Srdić-Galić
Abstract / 783-788
Data Perturbation Method Based on Contrast Mapping for Reversible Privacy-preserving Data Mining
Yuan-Hung Kao, 
Wei-Bin Lee, 
Tien-Yu Hsu, 
Chen-Yi Lin, 
Hui-Fang Tsai, 
Tung-Shou Chen
Abstract / 789-794
High-Performance Multiclass Classification Framework Using Cloud Computing Architecture
Feng-Sheng Lin, 
Chia-Ping Shen, 
Chia-Hung Liu, 
Han Lin, 
Chi-Ying F. Huang, 
Cheng-Yan Kao, 
Feipei Lai, 
Jeng-Wei Lin
Abstract / 795-802
Parasite and Infected-Erythrocyte Image Segmentation in Stained Blood Smears
Yi-Wen Hung, 
Ching-Lin Wang, 
Chuin-Mu Wang, 
Yung-Kuan Chan, 
Lin-Yu Tseng, 
Chiu-Wen Lee, 
Kwong-Chung Tung
Abstract / 803-815
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