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Vol 35, No 4 (2015)
Influence of Aortic Outflow Cannula Orientation on Epiaortic Flow Pattern During Pulsed Cardiopulmonary Bypass
Maria Vittoria Caruso, 
Vera Gramigna, 
Giuseppe F. Serraino, 
Attilio Renzulli, 
Gionata Fragomeni
Abstract / 455-463
Robot-Assisted Passive Exercise for Ankle Hypertonia in Individuals with Chronic Spinal Cord Injury
Chia-Ying Fang, 
Miao-Ju Hsu, 
Chih-Chung Chen, 
Hsin-Yi Kathy Cheng, 
Ching-Chieh Chou, 
Ya-Ju Chang
Abstract / 464-472
Hydrolyzed 5-Azacytidine Enhances Differentiation of Rat Mesenchymal Stem Cells into Cardiomyocytes
Shwu Jen Chang, 
Yi-Jhen Wu, 
Shu Ching Tang, 
Hung-Yi Wang, 
Shyh Ming Kuo
Abstract / 473-481
Monopolar and Bipolar Electrode Settings for SSVEP-Based Brain-Computer Interface
Sandra Mara Torres Müller, 
Teodiano Freire Bastos-Filho, 
Mário Sarcinelli-Filho
Abstract / 482-491
Metabolites of Scutellariae Radix Inhibit Injury of Endothelial Cells in Hypoxia Device
Chia-Lun Chao, 
Shiuan-Pey Lin, 
Yu-Chi Hou, 
Pei-Dawn Lee Chao, 
Nen-Chung Chang, 
Yu-Ching Huang, 
Feng-Ming Ho
Abstract / 492-499
Application of Video-Assisted Tactile Sensor and Finite Element Simulation for Estimating Young’s Modulus of Porcine Liver
Marat Dosaev, 
Irina Goryacheva, 
Yuri Martynenko, 
Alexey Morozov, 
Fyodor Antonov, 
Fong-Chin Su, 
Chien-Hsien Yeh, 
Ming-Shaung Ju
Abstract / 510-516
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