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Vol 34, No 6 (2014)
Coherence Validation of Alternative Sleep EEG Electrode Placements Using Wavelet Transform
Shih-Chung Chen, 
Aaron Raymond See, 
Chun-Ju Hou, 
Yeou-Jiunn Chen, 
Chih-Kuo Liang, 
Po-Yang Hou, 
Wen-Kuei Lin
 PDFAbstract / 528-534
Scale-Invariant Behavior of Epileptic ECoG
Suparerk Janjarasjitt, 
Kenneth A. Loparo
 PDFAbstract / 535-541
Monte Carlo Study on Dose Enhancement Effect of Various Paramagnetic Nanoshells in Brachytherapy
Abbas Haghparast, 
Toktam Ahmadi Moghaddas, 
Mahdi Ghorbani, 
Ryan Thomas Flynn, 
Mohammad Taghi Eivazi
 PDFAbstract / 559-567
Three-dimensional Reconstruction System for Automatic Recognition of Nasal Vestibule and Nasal Septum in CT Images
Chung-Feng Jeffrey Kuo, 
Yueng-Hsiang Chu, 
Chin-Liang Liu, 
Fang Tzu Yeh, 
Han-Cheng Wu, 
Wei Chu
 PDFAbstract / 574-580
Classification of Four Eye Directions from EEG Signals for Eye-Movement-Based Communication Systems
Abdelkader Nasreddine Belkacem, 
Hideaki Hirose, 
Natsue Yoshimura, 
Duk Shin, 
Yasuharu Koike
 PDFAbstract / 581-588
Support-vector-machine-based Meditation Experience Evaluation Using Electroencephalography Signals
Chih-Lung Lin, 
Yu-Hao Lee, 
Sharon Chia-Ju Chen, 
Yung-Jong Shiah, 
Shih-Feng Wang, 
Ming-Shing Young, 
Chung-Yao Hsu, 
Geng Qiu Jia Cheng
 PDFAbstract / 589-597
Experimental Study of Dielectric Properties of Human Lung Tissue in Vitro
Hua-Xiang Wang, 
Jie-Ran Wang, 
Ben-Yuan Sun, 
Shan Pang, 
Xiao Xu, 
Qing Sun
 PDFAbstract / 598-604
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