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Vol 34, No 2 (2014)
Surface Microstructure and Bioactivity of Hydroxyapatite and Fluorapatite Coatings Deposited on Ti-6Al-4V Substrates Using Nd-YAG Laser
Tsung-Yuan Kuo, 
Chi-Sheng Chien, 
Tze-Yuan Liao, 
Ting-Fu Hong, 
Chih-Han Chang, 
Min-Long Yeh, 
Tzer-Min Lee
 PDFAbstract / 109-115
Impingement Analysis with 3-D Geometric Characterizations of ACL Pseudofibers and Intercondylar Notch
Li-Qun Zhang, 
David T. Fung, 
Song Joo Lee, 
Yupeng Ren, 
Sang Hoon Kang, 
Shu Q. Liu
 PDFAbstract / 116-122
Dynamic Distribution of Cells in Porous Scaffolds During Cell Loading
Zigang Ge, 
Qianqian Han, 
Chao Li, 
Haifeng Liu, 
Boon Chin Heng, 
Gang Wu
 PDFAbstract / 130-136
Study of Pre- and Post-Stent Implantation in the Trachea Using Computational Fluid Dynamics
Tzu-Ching Shih, 
Hung-Da Hsiao, 
Po-Yuen Chen, 
Chih-Yen Tu, 
Tzu-I Tseng, 
Yung-Jen Ho
 PDFAbstract / 150-156
Influence of Parameterization on Tracer Kinetic Modeling in DCE-MRI
Mario Sansone, 
Roberta Fusco, 
Mario Petrillo, 
Antonella Petrillo
 PDFAbstract / 157-163
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