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Vol 33, No 3 (2013)
Numerical Analysis of Protective Cage Geometries for Mechancical Cavopulmonary Assistance in a Patient-Specific Fontan Physiology
Amy L. Throckmorton, 
Amy L. Throckmorton, 
Sharjeel A. Tahir, 
William B. Moskowitz, 
William B. Moskowitz
 PDFAbstract / 257-262
Formation and Stimuli-Directed Migration of D. discoideum Slugs in Microchips
Qiao Lin, 
Jinho Kim, 
Timothy Olsen, 
Xuye Zhuang, 
Ji Luo, 
Jun Yao, 
Milan Stojanovic
 PDFAbstract / 263-268
A Locally Linear Least Squares Method for Simultaneously Smoothing DWI Data and Estimating Diffusion Tensors
Dongrong Xu, 
Xiaozheng Liu, 
Wei Liu, 
Guang Yang, 
Weidong Chen, 
Junming Zhu, 
Yongdi Zhou, 
Bradley S. Peterson
 PDFAbstract / 275-284
Measurements of Lifetime and Attenuation Properties of Ultrasound/Magnetic resonance Multimodality Molecular Probe
Ai-Ho Liao, 
Che-Chou Shen, 
Chih-Hao Cheng, 
Ho-Chiao Chuang, 
Chih-Hung Wang, 
Chin-Hsiang Lin
 PDFAbstract / 285-292
Influence of Ocular Stiffness on Intraocular Pressure Estimation Using Goldmann Applanation Tonometry
Masako Shirane, 
Yoshiaki Kiuchi, 
Keiko Otani, 
Yuichi Kurita, 
Makoto Kaneko, 
Joji Takenaka
 PDFAbstract / 293-300
Point-of-care Testing of Portable Blood Coagulation Detectors Using Optical Sensors
Chin-Lung Yang, 
Yan-Chao Chiou, 
Cheng-Wei Chou, 
Kung-Chia Young, 
Song-Jeng Huang, 
Chih-Yi Liu
 PDFAbstract / 319-324
Comparison of Stainless Steel and Titanium Alloy Instruments in Posterior Correction and Fusion Surgery for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis-Prospective Cohort Study with Minimum 2-year Follow-Up
Morio Matsumoto, 
Eijiro Okada, 
Kota Watanabe, 
Naobumi Hosogane, 
Yuta Shiono, 
Yohei Takahashi, 
Yuji Nishiwaki, 
Kazuhiro Chiba, 
Yoshiaki Toyama
 PDFAbstract / 325-330
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