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Vol 33, No 1 (2013)
Prolonged Antibiotic Release by PLGA Encapsulation on Titanium Alloy
Kuo-An Lai, 
Ming-Long Yeh, 
Kai-Hsiang Chen, 
Nai-Jen Chang, 
Hsin-Der Chen
 PDFAbstract / 17-22
Facile Method for Gold Nanocluster Synthesis and Fluorescence Control Using Toluene and Ultrasound
Walter H. Chang, 
Jimmy Kuan-Jung Li, 
Cherng-Jyh Ke, 
Cheng-An J. Lin, 
Zhi-Hua Cai, 
Ching-Yun Chen
 PDFAbstract / 23-28
Non-contact Vibro-acoustic Detection Technique for Dental Osseointegration Examination
Min-Chun Pan, 
Han-Bo Zhuang, 
Wei-Shan Tu, 
Jer-Whey Wu, 
Chin-Sung Chen, 
Shyh-Yuan Lee, 
Yuan-Chao Yang
 PDFAbstract / 35-44
Classification of Small Lesions in Breast MRI: Evaluating The Role of Dynamically Extracted Texture Features Through Feature Selection
Mahesh B. Nagarajan, 
Markus B. Huber, 
Thomas Schlossbauer, 
Gerda Leinsinger, 
Andrzej Krol, 
Axel Wismüller
 PDFAbstract / 59-68
Uninterrupted Wireless Long-Term Recording of Sleep Patterns and Autonomic Function in Freely Moving Rats
Terry Bo-Jau Kuo, 
I-Te Hsieh, 
Cheryl Ching-Hsiu Yang, 
Chun-Yu Chen, 
Guo-She Lee, 
Fu-Jen Kao, 
Kuan-Liang Kuo
 PDFAbstract / 79-86
A Sensitive Indicator of Hemodynamic Changes in The Lateral Prefrontal Cortex Using a Modified Version of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” as a Task Load
Kenji Matsumoto, 
Senichiro Kikuchi, 
Fumikazu Miwakeichi, 
Yoshiki Yamauchi, 
Makio Ishiguro, 
Eiju Watanabe, 
Satoshi Kato
 PDFAbstract / 87-94
Dependency of Ultrasonic Nakagami Images on The Mechanical Properties of Scattering Medium
Po-Hsiang Tsui, 
Yung-Liang Wan, 
Yu-Ting Chien, 
Chia-Chun Yeh, 
Chiao-Yin Wang
 PDFAbstract / 95-102
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