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Vol 32, No 6 (2012)
An Automated Classification Method for Single Sweep Local Field Potentials Recorded from Rat Barrel Cortex under Mechanical Whisker Stimulation
Mufti Mahmud, 
Davide Travalin, 
Alessandra Bertoldo, 
Stefano Girardi, 
Marta Maschietto, 
Stefano Vassanelli
 PDFAbstract / 397-404
Pseudo-Online Classification Mental Tasks Using Kullback-Leibler Symmetric Divergence
Alessandro B. Benevides, 
Teodiano F. Bastos Filho, 
Mário Sarcinelli Filho
 PDFAbstract / 411-416
Evaluation of Electronic Haptic Device for Blind and Visually Impaired People: A Case Study
Alejandro R. Garcia Ramirez, 
Renato Fonseca Livramento da Silva, 
Milton Jose Cinelli, 
Alejandro Durán Carrillo de Albornoz
 PDFAbstract / 423-428
Combining Entropy Measures and Cepstral Analysis for Pathological Voices Assessment
Raissa Tavares Vieira, 
Nathália Brunet, 
Silvana Cunha Costa, 
Suzete Correia, 
Benedito G. Aguiar Neto, 
Joseana M. Fechine
 PDFAbstract / 429-436
Effects of Fatigue on Stability of Upper Extremity During Bench-press Exercise
You-Li Chou, 
Pei-Hsi Chou, 
Yen-Po Huang, 
Shu-Zon Lou, 
Wei-Zue Tseng, 
Rong-Tyai Wang
 PDFAbstract / 437-442
An Approach for Robot-Based Odor Navigation
Alejandro Durán Carrillo de Albornoz, 
Andy Blanco Rodríguez, 
Alejandro R. Garcia Ramirez, 
Edson Roberto De Pieri, 
Amarilys Lima Lopez
 PDFAbstract / 453-456
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