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Vol 32, No 3 (2012)
Estimation of Cell Concentration Using High-Frequency Ultrasonic Backscattering
Shyh-Hau Wang, 
Show-Huie Chen, 
Yi-Hsun Lin, 
Wen-Tyng Li, 
Chih-Chung Huang
 PDFAbstract / 157-162
Effect of Upper Extremity Impact Strategy on Energy Distribution Between Elbow Joint and Shoulder Joint in Forward Falls
You-Li Chou, 
Paul Pei-Hsi Chou, 
Hsin-Chieh Chen, 
Hsiu-Hao Hsu, 
Yen-Po Huang, 
Tun-Chin Wu
 PDFAbstract / 175-180
Heuristic Algorithm for Photoplethysmographic Heart Rate Tracking During Maximal Exercise Test
Romano Giannetti, 
Sonnia María López-Silva, 
María Luisa Dotor, 
Juan Pedro Silveira, 
Dolores Golmayo, 
Francisco Miguel-Tobal, 
Amaya Bilbao, 
Mercedes Galindo, 
Pilar Martín-Escudero
 PDFAbstract / 181-188
Properties of TTCP/DCPA/CSH Cement Immersed in Hanks’ Solution
Chien-Ping Ju, 
Jiin-Huey Chern Lin, 
Sen-Hsiang Hung, 
Wei-Luen Chen, 
Chang-Keng Chen, 
Jing-Wei Lee, 
Ruey-Mo Lin
 PDFAbstract / 201-204
Frequency-response-based Wavelet Decomposition for Extracting Children’s Mismatch Negativity Elicited by Uninterrupted Sound
Fengyu Cong, 
Yixiang Huang, 
Igor Kalyakin, 
Hong Li, 
Tiina Huttunen-Scott, 
Heikki Lyytinen, 
Tapani Ristaniemi
 PDFAbstract / 205-214
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