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Vol 32, No 2 (2012)
Review: A Critical Overview of Limitations of CFD Modeling in Nasal Airflow
Mohammed Zubair, 
Mohammed Zulkifly Abdullah, 
Rushdan Ismail, 
Ibrahim Lutfi Shuaib, 
Suzina Abdul Hamid, 
Kamarul Arifin Ahmad
 PDFAbstract / 77-84
Spheroid Formation from Neural Stem Cells on Chitosan Membranes
Shan-hui Hsu, 
Yilo Lin, 
Ta-Chiang Lin, 
Ting-Chen Tseng, 
Hsing-Ta Lee, 
Yuan-Ching Liao, 
Ing-Ming Chiu
 PDFAbstract / 85-90
Red Blood Cell Velocity Measurement in Rodent Tumor Model: An in vivo Microscopic Study
Kang-Ping Lin, 
Wen-Chen Lin, 
Chih-Chieh Wu, 
Tzung-Chi Huang, 
Wen-Chi Lin, 
Bill Yuan-Chi Chiu, 
Ren-Shyan Liu
 PDFAbstract / 97-102
Mechanisms Underlying Isovolumic Contraction and Ejection Peaks in Seismocardiogram Morphology
Viatcheslav Gurev, 
Kouhyar Tavakolian, 
Jason Constantino, 
Bozena Kaminska, 
Andrew P. Blaber, 
Natalia A. Trayanova
 PDFAbstract / 103-110
An Eye-Gaze Tracking and Human Computer Interface System for People with ALS and Other Locked-in Diseases
Shuo Samuel Liu, 
Andrew Rawicz, 
Siavash Rezaei, 
Teng Ma, 
Cheng Zhang, 
Kyle Lin, 
Eion Wu
 PDFAbstract / 111-116
Microcoil-array-based Multichannel Transcutaneous Transmission for Implantable Neural Electrical Stimulation
Wensheng Hou, 
Zongxia Mou, 
Xiaolin Zheng, 
Jun Zheng, 
Xiaoying Wu, 
Yingtao Jiang, 
Ning Hu, 
Nan Xia
 PDFAbstract / 123-130
Investigation of Neurochemical Techniques for Assessment of Nerve Regeneration within Polymer Guides
Yueh-Sheng Chen, 
Chung-Chia Chen, 
Chu-Ying Chan, 
Li-Shu Chen, 
Fuu-Jen Tsai, 
Chun-Hsu Yao, 
Chin-Chuan Tsai
 PDFAbstract / 131-138
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