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Vol 31, No 5 (2011)
Influence of the Depth of Human Ear Canal on Sound Pressure Distribution
Jen-Fang Yu, 
Chin-Kuo Chen, 
Ching-I Chen, 
Meng-Ju Lien, 
Chia-Chi Cheng, 
Wei-De Cheng, 
Shang-Ru Wang
 PDFAbstract / 317
A System Design with Mode-Switching Power Management for Closed-Loop Implantable Glucose Biosensor
Wen-Yaw Chung, 
Arnold C. Paglinawan, 
Ying-Hsiang Wang, 
Sao-Chun Cheng, 
Wen-Ho Lee, 
Alfonso Albason, 
Chiung-Cheng Chuang, 
Shyh-Liang Lou
 PDFAbstract / 321
The Effect of Suture Size on Skin Wound Healing Strength in Rats
Ming-Long Yeh, 
Cheng-San Yang, 
Ching-Yi Chen, 
Cheng-Hsien Chiang, 
Chun-Liang Tung, 
Meng-Yi Chen, 
Chen-Hsin Yeh, 
Fong-Chin Su
 PDFAbstract / 339
Direct and Indirect Effects of Ceramic Far Infrared Radiation on the Hydrogen Peroxide-scavenging Capacity and on Murine Macrophages under Oxidative Stress
Ting-Kai Leung, 
Yung-Sheng Lin, 
Chi-Ming Lee, 
Yen-Chou Chen, 
Huey-Fang Shang, 
Sheng-Yi Hsiao, 
Hsuan-Tang Chang, 
Jo-Shui Chao
 PDFAbstract / 345
Surface Roughness and Topography of Four Commonly Used Types of Orthodontic Archwire
Jui-Ting Hsu, 
Jian-Hong Yu, 
Li-Chun Wu, 
Yin-Yu Chang, 
Her-Hsiung Huang, 
Heng-Li Huang
 PDFAbstract / 367
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