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Vol 30, No 6 (2010)
A Tactile Display System for Hand Prostheses to Discriminate Pressure and Individual Finger Localization
Christian Antfolk, 
Christian Balkenius, 
Göran Lundborg, 
Birgitta Rosén, 
Fredrik Sebelius
 PDFAbstract / 355
Energy Distribution Analysis of Uterine Electromyography Signals
Bassam Moslem, 
Mohamad Khalil, 
Catherine Marque, 
Mohamad O. Diab
 PDFAbstract / 361
Source Separation Techniques for Optimal Electrode Configurations: A Study on Electromyography
Ganesh R Naik, 
Dinesh Kant Kumar, 
Hans Weghorn, 
Sridhar Poosapadi Arjunan
 PDFAbstract / 367
Wrist Movement Characterization by Mechanomyography Technique
Vera Lúcia da Silveira Nantes Button, 
Eduardo Mendonça Scheeren, 
Eddy Krueger- Beck, 
Guilherme Nunes Nogueira-Neto, 
Percy Nohama
 PDFAbstract / 373
An Accurate Biceps Muscle Model with sEMG and Muscle Force Outputs
Katherine Anne Wheeler, 
Dinesh Kant Kumar, 
Hirokazu Shimada
 PDFAbstract / 393
Using EMG for Real-time Prediction of Joint Angles to Control a Prosthetic Hand Equipped with a Sensory Feedback System
Fredrik Sebelius, 
Christian Antfolk, 
Christian Cipriani, 
Marco Controzzi, 
Maria Chiara Carrozza, 
Göran Lundborg, 
Birgitta Rosén
 PDFAbstract / 399
Brain-computer Interface Based on Visual Evoked Potentials to Command Autonomous Robotic Wheelchair
Sandra Mara Torres Müller, 
Wanderley Cardoso Celeste, 
Teodiano Freire Bastos-Filho, 
Mário Sarcinelli-Filho
 PDFAbstract / 407
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