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Vol 30, No 4 (2010)
Activation of the Auditory Cortex in Subjects with Unilateral Sensorineural Hearing Impairment in Response to Hearing Their Own Names
Jiun-Jie Wang, 
Jen-Fang Yu, 
Chin-Kuo Chen, 
Sheng-Ru Wang, 
Che-Ming Wu, 
Shu-hang Ng, 
Leslie Ying, 
Ying-Zu Huang
 PDFAbstract / 215
Detection of Curcumin-induced Osteoblasts Apoptosis using Quantum Dot Probes
Walter Hong-Shong Chang, 
Jimmy Kuan-Jung Li, 
Cheng-An J. Lin, 
Hsiao-Yun Wu, 
Wen-Hsiung Chan
 PDFAbstract / 221
Miniature Wearable Wireless Real-time Health and Activity Monitoring System with Optimized Power Consumption
Marcin Marzencki, 
Kouhyar Tavakolian, 
Yindar Chuo, 
Benny Hung, 
Philip Lin, 
Bozena Kaminska
 PDFAbstract / 227
EEG-based Brain-computer Interface for Smart Living Environmental Auto-adjustment
Li-Wei Ko, 
Chin-Teng Lin, 
Fu-Chang Lin, 
Shi-An Chen, 
Shao-Wei Lu, 
Te-Chi Chen
 PDFAbstract / 237
Fall Detection System for Healthcare Quality Improvement in Residential Care Facilities
Chia-Tai Chan, 
Chih-Ning Huang, 
Chih-Yen Chiang, 
Guan-Chun Chen, 
Steen J. Hsu, 
Woei-Chyn Chu
 PDFAbstract / 247
Low-cost ECG Wireless with Embedded Fuzzy Diagnosis System
Marius Nicolae Roman, 
Stefan Gergely, 
Flaviu Roman, 
Radu Vasile Ciupa
 PDFAbstract / 253
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