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Vol 38, No 3 (2018)
Prototype Deep Brain Stimulation System with Closed-Loop Control Feedback for Modulating Bladder Functions in Traumatic Brain Injured Animals
En Jen, 
Chii-Wann Lin, 
Tsung-Hsun Hsieh, 
Yi-Chun Chiu, 
Tsung-Che Lu, 
Shih-Ching Chen, 
Meng-Chao Chen, 
Chih-Wei Peng
Abstract / 337-349
Reliability and Validity of Attitude and Heading Reference System Motion Estimation in a Novel Mirror Therapy System
Wonshik Kim, 
Jaewon Beom, 
Chulwoo Park, 
Sukgyu Koh, 
Yoon Jae Kim, 
Youdan Kim, 
Sun Gun Chung, 
Sungwan Kim
Abstract / 370-377
Peri-Therapeutic Quantitative Flow Analysis of Endovascular Revascularization for Ischemic Stroke Patients on Digital Subtraction Angiography
Shih-Neng Yang, 
Yu-Yi Lin, 
Tsung-Jung Ho, 
Shi-Yann Cheng, 
Yu-Rou Chiou, 
Chun-Han Liao, 
Geoffrey G. Zhang, 
Tzung-Chi Huang
Abstract / 387-395
An Automatic Computer-Aided Diagnosis System for Breast Cancer in Digital Mammograms via Deep Belief Network
Mugahed A. Al-antari, 
Mohammed A. Al-masni, 
Sung-Un Park, 
JunHyeok Park, 
Mohamed K. Metwally, 
Yasser M. Kadah, 
Seung-Moo Han, 
Tae-Seong Kim
Abstract / 443-456
Edge Weighted Local Texture Features for the Categorization of Mammographic Masses
Abhishek Midya, 
Rinku Rabidas, 
Anup Sadhu, 
Jayasree Chakraborty
Abstract / 457-468
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